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Music: Yma Sumac sings "Queen of the Night: Mambo!" (After Mozart's Die Zauberflöte)

Music: Yma Sumac sings "Clair de Lune"

By Claude Debussy

Music: Yma Sumac, "Birds"

Music: Yma Sumac: Live in Moscow, 1960; "Chuncho (forest creatures)"

Music: Yma Sumac

"Moscow Nights"


Music: Giacomo Puccini; "Coro a Bocca Chiusa (humming chorus)," Madama Butterfly, sung by the Hungarian State Opera

Music: Yma Sumac

San Francisco Bellydance Theater Chuncho

Music: Yma Sumac, "Taita Inty" and "Chuncho"

2. Dances on various themes

Music: "Eros"
by Mary Hampton.

Music: "Gold Hat"
by Mary Hampton

Music: "Tsintskaro"
by Hamlet Gonashvili

Music: "Erbarme Dich, Mein Gott," St. Matthew Passion, Johann Sebastian Bach, sung by Fadia el Hage with Ensemble Sarband

Flower Maiden's costume, Wagner's "Parsifal," San Francisco Opera, 1988

Music: "Tomb of the Time King" and "Whisper 1:
Lost in the Sand" 
by Paul Mercer

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San Francisco,

September 9th, 2020, 11am

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Music: "Arabian Coffee" from The Nutcracker, by P.I. Tchaikovsky. voice: Lavinia Findikoglu, Movement Center LA Gyrokinesis

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Pando's 60th birthday.

Music: Basiani, Tsintskaro


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Heading 1

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Music: "Shadowdance"
by Paul Mercer

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Heading 1

Music: "Morning Meditation," "Night Rise," "Abigail Remembers"
by Paul Mercer