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Anyone can throw a party and even hire entertainers for it. But why not commission San Francisco Bellydance Theater to design and curate a bespoke, one time only theatrical happening for you and your guests that is tailored to the unique features of your venue and event? Under Archer’s direction, the The San Francisco Bellydance Theater experience can include vivid moments of bellydance, modern dance, site specific queer performance art, sung blues, experimental improvised opera, Egyptian drumming, Brazilian shamanic arts, spoken word, live fashion sketching, and more, using both newfangled avant garde work and highly disciplined traditional art practices using some of San Francisco’s most virtuosic and creative performers, visual artists, and healers.


Larissa will visit the site and determine with you which rooms and outdoor spaces are "activatable," then prepare an evening of different styles of dance, music, and other performance and visual arts specifically to make your home or venue come alive in a way you've never seen it, and all in a relaxed, festive atmosphere for you and your guests. Catering is available at additional cost.  Contact us for details or fill out the form below.

San Francisco Bellydance Theater & Friends

at the Secret Garden, January 5, 2019

San Francisco Bellydance Theater & Friends in Underland, April 6, 2019. Archer is a resident artist with Epic Immersive, San Francisco’s premier creator of large scale, live immersive theater.

San Francisco Bellydance Theater & Friends at the Secret Garden, March 2, 2019

An exemplary walk-thru of a portion of the festivities at SFBT’s June salon. When the venue allows, Archer will invite local artisans and designers of her choosing  to vend their wares in “LuLu’s Bazaar.”

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Photo by Daisy Rae Coby of Memento Moda

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